April 28, 2011


i wrote this poem at about 2am, and consequently the rest of this post followed:

my hands and His

are worn
feel tired
have cuts
are lost
see Him
don't stop
need help
safe grasp
His hands

i've been thinking a lot about hands lately.

my hands. God's hands. the Savior's hands. the hands of mortal angels. the hands of loved ones. the hands of strangers. the hands of enemies.....

this may have something to do with a seminary lesson i just taught for two days in a provo high school, ... but i think the lesson simply brought this idea of hands to the forefront of my mind. i have been pondering the state of my life - and wondering where all these hands fit in - for quite some time.

Heavenly Father knew i needed this lesson more than any of those students in all of those classes combined. i'm grateful. because honestly, little-by-little, i finally got the full force of what the spirit was testifying to me that i needed to learn at the very end of my teaching experience.

perfect how it turns out, eh?

one of my mother's friends is an artist and i have had her painting for years. i treasure it -- can you guess why?
{i'll tell you the answer when you scroll down}

sanctify to thee thy deepest distress, by judy law
this painting won an award of merit. it explores our earthly sufferings.

"mortality brings pain. but we live beyond earth life, and we are not alone and forgotten in our struggles and suffering here. our loving Heavenly Father cares for us and sustains us. He will send strength, comfort, and peace. one day He will turn our faith to wisdom, our challenges to blessings, our suffering to joy."

not only is the depiction of each pioneer scene poignant, but the art is exquisite with unique touches of hidden sacredness waiting for those onlookers willing to spend extra time admiring the hard work of the artist. {and let me tell you, it's worth it!}

if you have not guessed why i treasure this painting by now, my very favorite part is at the bottom: the hands. a reminder to me that not only did the Lord have the pioneers in His hands, but He has His hands in my life as well. As he knew the sufferings of those early saints - every trial and tear, he knows me just as intimately. that is a beautiful thing, since life's obstacles can help us come to know our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ more than at any other time.

i guess this last little period of time has been one of deep distress for me. and while i have not taken full advantage of this opportunity to come closer to the Lord, that is what i desire. i know it is through strengthening that relationship that hearts are healed, minds are eased, and troubles - though maybe not made easier to deal with, seem that way because we are strengthened to be able to handle them in better ways.

be not afraid, by greg olsen

i'm thankful for His hands.