September 6, 2008

eight things!

eight things i am passionate about:

1. the gospel - Jesus Christ, His atonement, and His overall love for all His children
2. my baby brother paul, my two older sisters, and my wonderful mom and dad
3. my dog precious, who i found at the pound three years ago
4. good literature
5. teaching and giving presentations
6. politics : )
7. good food
8. good company

eight of my favorite things:

1. rain
2. peanut butter
3. autumn
4. turquise, brown, and green
5. cherie call, julie de azevedo, and jesse clark funk's religious music
6. salt and vinegar chips
7. pebble ice
8. post-it notes

eight words or phrases that i say often:

1. "presh!"
2. "tender!"
3. "you're crunching my chips!"
4. "i love you!"
5. "okay guys ...." or "c'mon guys ...."
6. "it happens."
7. "sweetness."
8. "you know you love me."

eight things i want to do before i die:

1. go through the temple.
2. get married to a good man.
3. have a family - being a good mom and wife.
4. live outside of utah again.
5. be a young womens' camp director.
6. be financially stable while raising a family.
7. relax.
8. make a difference in other people's lives.

eight things i have learned from my past:

1. make sure you do learn from the past.
2. everything happens for a reason, and you never get more than you can handle.
3. try seeing others the way Heavenly Father does - you'll be amazed by the love you have for them.
4. live life as an optimist.
5. learn from other people's mistakes. there's no reason you should have to repeat them.
6. be grateful and count your blessings. this keeps you humble!
7. patience really is a virtue that we should each work harder at achieving.
8. we aren't required to be perfect yet. just try the best that you can every day.

eight places i would love to go or see:

1. ireland
2. on a cuise
3. disney world
4. paris
5. venice
6. denmark
7. jerusalem
8. all over britain

eight things i currently need or want:

1. a car that is consistent and reliable.
2. deep understanding of the scriptures.
3. my baby brother back from his military training.
4. to fit into all the clothes in my closet.
5. my own laptop equipped with good powerpoint capabilities.
6. to go through the temple.
7. a little niece or nephew.
8. all the answers.

eight people who changed my life:

1. every member of my family
2. chrissy keller
3. precious, my dog
4. brother mike pratt
5. lisa soper
6. denise burton
7. valerie o'barr
8. jesus