September 24, 2008

doing and teaching

while giving the greatest sermon ever known to man, the Savior told us that the least in the kingdom of heaven are those who know the commandments and break them then teach others to do the same. on the other hand, the greatest in the kingdom of heaven are those who do and teach righteousness. as i taught my students of the Savior's sermon on the mount, i emphasized that scripture (matthew 5:19) and the scripture mastery matthew 5:14-16 "ye are the light of the world." i then divided them into groups, assigning them each a scripture block from matthew 5-7. they then made a mormon ad from a principle in their scripture block and created a two minute "mini sermon".

this has been the most wonderful experience for me! no, i'm not talking about how i didn't have to prepare a lesson on those days (though that was a great perk). seeing my students - some who have not participated before - searching their scriptures and testifying of principles they learned to their classmates almost brought tears to my eyes. the spirit oozed from the room. i am so blessed to be learning from the stripling warriors of this generation.