October 20, 2008

eight more things i like

one of my favoritest people in the whole world tagged me in a blog ... it's the first time i've been tagged and i feel very special!

eight shows i like to watch:
1. criminal minds
2. ncis
3. without a trace
4. law and order: svu
5. csi: the original and nyc
6. army wives {partially in honor of my sweet baby bro who is serving in the national guard}
7. one tree hill
8. heroes

eight things that happened yesterday:
1. woke up with enough time to get ready and get to church before it started, yet arrived late {as always} because of my daily horror: "which dress should i wear that is long enough, modest enough, pretty enough, 'skinny-feeling' enough, and comfortable enough?"
2. because of #1, didn't get breakfast {sadness}
3. got to sit by melissa {another one of my favoritest people ever} through the three hours of meetings ... i love her!
4. listened to two of the best talks ever given in sacrament meeting and one of the best lessons in relief society by an amazingly inspirational woman.
5. ate my favorite meal: karl's chicken *chicken breasts + delicious sauce + rice = yummy!
6. taught one of my visiting teachees {and dear friend} with my sweet new companion
7. had an extra long, delightful sunday afternoon nap with my mom and precious
8. went to a fun tajikistan dinner gathering with my parents and the two tajikistanian delegates we're hosting. yum-yum baklava!

eight songs that make me feel giddy:
1. love song - sara bareilles
2. i'm yours - jason mraz
3. trying to find atlantis - jamie o'neal
4. the real me - jessie clark funk
5. without you - sung by julie andrews in "my fair lady"
6. brink of disaster; sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows; off and running - lesley gore
7. sign of the times; colour my world; don't sleep in the subway; the other man's grass is always greener - petula clark
8. anything sung by karen carpenter

eight things i'm looking forward to:
1. meeting the Savior
2. passing my classes this semester then being done with them
3. graduating from college in december 2009
4. getting on a normal sleep schedule
5. losing weight
6. my birthday/thanksgiving
7. christmas
8. seeing my sister sundy and her husband tyler on my birthday/thanksgiving

eight things i couldn't live without:
1. everything in the gospel
2. my family
3. precious
4. mascara
5. music
6. all of the human senses
7. peanut butter and chocolate
8. water

eight things on my wish list:
1. an ipod ... i've never owned one
2. a car that works reliably
3. perfect grades
4. good scripture reading habit
5. travel anywhere across the us border
6. go to disneyland for the second time in my life
7. fall in-love with a worthy priesthood holder and get married in the temple
8. be a good wife and mother

eight completely random and/or useless facts i know:
1. maria and georg von trapp {the real ones} were married november 26, 1927 - exactly sixty years before i was born
2. redheads have a higher tolerance to anesthesia {requiring more than the average human in order to get the same effect}
3. joseph b. wirthlin was an amazing football star for university of utah in his time
4. newborn babies communicate their needs with five different cries but abandon the ability after three months if their caregiver doesn't take advantage of it.
5. water tastes stale when it's lost some of the oxygen molecules, so by shaking it up {producing air bubbles} it can return to its proper taste
6. one of the best cures for bad dandruff is vinegar
7. if you take too much melatonin {which the body produces but can also be taken in tablet form} to help you get to sleep it turns into serotonin which results in waking up around three am {almost guaranteed}
8. as of 3:56 am it is exactly sixty-three days, twenty-one hours, and three minutes until christmas day!

eight people i am tagging: um, i'm not sure that many people read my blog
1. savannah leigh
2. michelle lee
3. erika ann
4. ivy
5. nancy lee
6. lisa michelle
7. jared "double-ya"
8. jeff stockett "big brother"