October 18, 2008

check that one off the list

i am a student at utah valley university and it's been fall break this last thursday and friday. at the same time, the alpine school district (where I teach seminary) has had uea break. considering the fact that my entire life centers around school and teaching seminary, the last two and a half days have been completely uneventful. unfortunately, i've had unending hours to think about how i've neglected any kind of social life i used to have.

on the up-side: i've more than made up for the lack of sleep i've been suffering from. all those nights of falling asleep at my computer or all those mornings of waking up to kinks in my neck from hunching over my homework all night has finally caught up with me. only those who have experienced this 'thrill' in life can understand how perfectly this picture depicts the life of a student, a teacher, and yes - especially a student teacher. sleep is a beautiful thing; a blessing from God to rejuvenate; a chance for our bodies to heal themselves. when i see a student start to nod-off in my class, i totally understand! i want to be right there with them! is it the increasing pressure on ourselves to surpass our capacity to cope? why do so many of us feel like lazy failures if we have a few moments each night to breathe and relax? it's a good question, if i do say so myself. what is the answer? well, i'm not sure about everyone else, but i know my problem has to do with ocd tendencies (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and my constant need for perfection. ... give me a break - i'm working on it!

well, at least now i can check "sleep" off the list of things to do ... i've just got to think of more things to put on that list so there's more than one item. ... then i can then work on checking those off as well. wow ... i think i need a life.