February 11, 2009

beliefs, religion, or both?

my friend jessi posted her results of this quiz on her blog. i found it quite intriguing and thought i'd share my results with you, too.

the quiz asks a series of twenty questions to determine the top twenty-seven faiths that are best suited to what you believe. as you already know, i am a without a doubt a mormon. obviously, a quiz isn't going to send me into a soul-searching frenzy, but it is fun to see which religions mirror my beliefs besides the one i already belong to. it's entertaining and regardless of whether you're strictly religious or not, this quiz is a great way to learn more about what you strongly believe in.

what was my #1 from my results?

**big** shocker: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. however, my family has lived in many diverse places and befriended people in a large variety of cultures. i like to think that my discussions, debates, and sometimes even arguments with people of other faiths have given me a sturdy foundation of principles that i believe, not because it's what i've always been taught, but rather that it's what i truly believe. this makes me feel a little better about jehovah's witness scoring at #3 on my results. interesting, eh?

for more information on what "mormons" really believe, go to www.mormon.org.