June 13, 2009

ode to t {my brother}

exactly one year ago today my sweet sister sundy married tyler joseph anderson.
a few of you may know of the relationship i have with my new brother-in-law. most of you don't and that's good since it doesn't paint me in an extremely flattering light. we'll just say i felt like i was losing a sister instead of gaining a brother. that is in the past now, and this post is a tribute to him -- to "T" as he is lovingly called.
i've never had an older brother and i've always had my older sisters. sundy was the first in my family to get married, which might explain the difficulty i had in accepting the fact that i was no longer her number one priority. {ok... so it might be a little self-centered and presumptious to say i had previously been her number one priority. you get what i mean, right?}

tyler proposed to sundy on april 2, 2008. i was the first person sund called after it happened, but i was also the first person to know that those two lovebirds would end up together -- even before they did. i think Heavenly Father knew i needed that confirmation early to start preparing myself for a change i thought i didn't want.

suddenly, my sister was gone and a new member of the family arrived who knew all about me, even the nitty-gritty details that i prefer no one know about. my very prideful heart couldn't get past the fact that someone i knew nothing about knew all about me. from the outside, t was seemingly perfect. to top it all off, he was private. to understand why this is a big deal, i must tell you that privacy is an oddity in our family. for all of our family's history, everyone has known everyone else's business. sundy's marriage to t was the mark of a huge change.

i have never been one to like change, but i am learning quickly that not all change is bad. change ultimately means opening your heart and mind to accept whatever life has for you. well i am grateful for the change that brought t into my life. it's been one year and s and t are happy as can be. of course they've had ups and downs, but they have each other and two very supportive families behind them.
happy anniversary s and t -- i love you both.

especially you, t. thanks for being so patient with me.