September 16, 2009

a healthy life

i am a health major. i like health.

i'm glad that, after four years of college, i could finally decide on a permanent plan to graduate.

i'm on the six-year graduation track.

i was a semester away from graduating with a bachelor of science degree in community health ... then i decided that what i really wanted was to be a teacher. this semester i get to finish up all of my health courses. after this, i will have just about three semesters left until graduation -- and those three semesters will be about secondary education... and english.

i know, i know -- most people who teach health also teach p.e. and that's great. however, i had a heated discussion with the physical education professor and will never be going back to that part of the campus ever again.

so, health and english. if you know my mom, you understand where my passion for english comes from. i want to share that love of english with impressionable junior high students. too many students go away hating reading and writing. hopefully i can be a positive influence.

i am sooooo excited! i can see myself as a teacher. i love to share my passions with others and health is definitely one of my passions. add english on top of that and we're heading into a great ball of fiery fun in the classroom!

above all, though, is my desire to bring the following quote to life: