January 1, 2010

beginning anew

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it seems to me that the year 2009 flew past in a whirl of craziness at top speed. i love this time of year, though, because "new beginnings" are naturally exciting and adventurous. reassessing, rewriting goals, ready for what change lies ahead. it gives me the same thrill as the first days of school in august, with freshly sharpened pencils and a plethora of post-it notes.

one of my traditions, which was not really a tradition until i realized my natural tendency to repeat it every year around this time, is to clean out a closet, room, desk, and the like. purging unnecessary items of clutter brings a joy unparalleled by little else. this is a time to get organized.

when throwing out items held onto for such a long time, it is easy for me to temporarily get trapped in memories of my past. well, i guess that was what made the plaque sundy re-gifted me so pertinent. it has a quote by president thomas s. monson:

the past is behind; learn from it. the future is ahead; prepare for it. the present is here;
Live It!

i have this plaque sitting in my windowsill next to a beautiful statue of a forever family {given to me by my sister happy for Christmas}. i love looking there and remembering the true meaning of eternity.

well, i'll post my new year's resolutions in a little... i just need to fine-tune them so i might actually be rational about my own ability this year. good luck to you with your own resolutions ~~ may we each be successful!