September 22, 2010

falling rain

my wake-up call today was my dad and our dog coming in to share with me the exciting noise of huge, loud, pounding rain.
i took this as a sign that today would be a good day.

then i remembered today was the beginning of my most favorite season of all.

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and glancing at the calendar, i realized the date was "22" - two is my lucky and most favorite number. obviously the more, the merrier!

i decided today was going to be a great day.

... but then we hit a snag. i needed to print out a {completely awesome} lesson plan {that i wrote with a partner} for my class, but the printer was out of black ink. i asked my dad for ideas of what to do and he said, "send it to the copy center?" as i got ready for the day i decided since the school color is green, so i just printed the document in green font {yay! for problem solving} then went looking for my dad to give me a ride to school.

i know, i know ---- i sound like i'm in grade school. however, if you are unfamiliar with uvu's parking situation you have no grounds to judge me - and while that is a totally different subject, suffice it to say my day-dreams are now consumed with brainstorming violent solutions to the parking people problem.

dad was nowhere to be found. time before class started was ticking down. i called his cell phone and asked where he was.

"at the copy center to pick up your paper" was his reply.

how absolutely tender is that?

his act of love was so touching that it almost broke my heart to tell him i had already printed the paper in green. he hurried back home to pick me up and as he drove me to school i wasn't worried one bit about being on-time because my dad - as he often does - did a selfless thing for me to show how much he cares.

i knew it was going to be a fabulous day.

and even though i got to class a few minutes late, circumstances had lead to a late start so i didn't even miss anything!

the wind is blowing...
the rain has been falling...
there was sunshine intermittently throughout the day...

fall is here and i couldn't be happier!