September 30, 2012

falling into Him

it's fall.... my most favoritest time of the year.

yes. i said favoritest.

the air has a crisp chill in the air and the atmosphere of change is liberating rather than constraining. the tastes of pumpkin pie bread i make for roommates and the smells of autumn rains or fallen leaves....
everything about this season brings a joy to my soul, urging the child inside me to leap into song and dance.

the joy of fall brings a balance to the pain that life inevitably brings.
....loneliness that can often be felt in one way or another.

this season's title may be foreboding: many of us may fall as we stumble over the adversity in our lives.
still....when i fall, i now have a sure knowledge that i fall into the arms of the only one who can steady my spirit and my heart.
"faith" by liz lemon swindle

the Lord is the lover of my soul
He is the healer of my scars
He steadies my heart
i will always run to Him
when times get tough......
when loneliness calls
when everything in my life seems a mess
when overwhelming feelings creep in....

 i know where to turn
and He steadies my heart

p.s. if you want to watch an incredible meeting and feel intense spiritual enlightenment, watch this general relief society broadcast. it was amazing.