December 11, 2012

the teaching game

i need to write about this before i forget my current attitude :)

i had the opportunity to teach some wonderful seminary classes lately. it has been an incredible experience teaching about last days of the Savior's life while celebrating the beginning of it during this season.

i have no clue what the future holds for me --- especially in the seminary department. that has caused me some anxiety at times, but lately i have had more peace. whatever happens will be what the Lord has always had planned for me. i gave this my best.

if i don't get to move forward in the seminary teaching experience, i am grateful for all i have been able to do and learn. i wouldn't be the same person i am today if it had not been for my opportunities teaching seminary students the gospel.

today i substitute taught at a high school seminary and a student told me i was the best substitute they had ever had. she could tell i was dismissing her compliment, so she persisted, "i'm not trying to kiss up. and it's not just because we've had some weird ones. you're just a really good one."

you win some, you lose some. that's the way the game is played.