November 29, 2015

oh to be grateful

there are many topics i want to discuss, but having just celebrated thanksgiving i feel inclined to share some more important thoughts....

i cannot find words to describe my gratitude and love for the amazing people in my life. friends, roommates (past and present), family, and acquaintances bless my life in amazing ways.

~brene brown~

i am grateful for all that the Lord blesses me with.
and i'm especially grateful for what He doesn't give me.

i have seen the many different faces of hardship;
the man who isn't understood because he has a mental inability to communicate
the girl who pretends not to care about the constant stares at her deformed face
the lady raised in dysfunction who keeps trying desperately to be a good parent...

there are so many different shapes and sizes of pain in this life.
i'm grateful for what God does for me.
especially the things i don't know about.

i'm grateful for this country i am privileged to call my own.
i'm grateful for the freedoms i am blessed with.
i'm grateful for the ability to love and help those who are not as blessed.

i am sincerely grateful for heartbreak.
for loss.
i'm grateful for the pain i've suffered...
because i am stronger, braver, and more resilient than before.

i have learned to appreciate this heart that loves.
i am grateful that i love so deeply.

i'm grateful for how attuned i am becoming with my feelings.
it brings joy to my heart that i can find things to love about others even when it isn't easy.

i'm grateful for the progress i've made in loving myself.
i'm grateful that i am not filled with so much self-hatred.

i'm grateful that i know the things that lead to happiness.
the real truths are found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they have made me who i am.

i am grateful for the knowledge i have that my Savior, Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father know me, love me, and hear my prayers.

i'm incredibly grateful to realize that i don't know all the answers.
knowing it all would be terrifying!!
in reference to a previous post, i'm grateful that i know the Knower.

i am grateful for the truths i know about my divinity and my potential.
i'm grateful that we are known individually by God and have our own individual paths to walk.
i'm grateful to know what truly matters in this life. dawned on me this year that i don't often struggle to feel gratitude.
i feel it's kind of second-nature to me.
maybe this is because i was born on thanksgiving?
i don't know.
but i do know that i am grateful for this life and the adventure it is.

what is something specific and/or unique that you are grateful for?