September 4, 2008


for the last week, i've been teaching my students about the plan of salvation. we've discussed the plan in general, how the Savior is the center of the plan, and why it is so vital for us to locate ourselves in its framework. we've discussed revelation 12 and moses 1 (amazing chapters, just fyi ... if you haven't read them in a while, you should look them up again) and how we are the sons and daughters of God. we've discussed the war in heaven and how that war is still being waged - every single day - within us and around us. then i played a classic efy song called "fearless heart" and let the students write their thoughts, feelings, testimony, etc down in their journals.

the outcome was amazing. specifically from one student who is extremely mature and intelligent for her age. she wrote a poem about the war she is waging. it is one of the most powerful poems i've ever read, and quite revealing of her circumstances and her strength. this incredible poem that was written in the spur of the moment inspires me to work harder to become the person i have potential to be.

the main point of her poem? that though the war of hatred and temptation surrounds us with darkness, it is the Son that brings the brightness of the morning to chase our enemy away. it is our Savior, our elder brother - who suffered for us and redeemed us, fighting for us in our weak moments, lovingly guiding us to the victory - who heals our wounds and our hearts, saving us from pain and neglect we've felt and experienced.

she knows she is a daughter of God and to whom she can go for love, support, strength, and healing. i am continually impressed, amazed, shocked, and astounded by the way my students live their lives. this girl is an example to me. as are all these blessed souls that grace me with their presence. how truly blessed i am. the youth of the church are amazing. i love them. and i love my job.