September 27, 2008


my last lesson of the week was on the miracles of the Savior. i emphasized the reason Christ performed miracles and why we still have miracles on the earth today is to confirm our faith. faith precedes the miracle. if you don't have a testimony before you witness a miracle, it is not going to bring sudden enlightenment and faith.

Jesus taught that those who are healthy don't need a physician, but those that are sick. He came to earth not only to heal those with physical illnesses, but to heal those who had spiritual, emotional, and mental illnesses as well. i know that Christ has healed my heart many times throughout my short life thus far, and i know that He continues to do so. i am so grateful for the holy priesthood on the earth today. i'm so grateful for the testimony i have that our broken hearts, our broken pride, our hurt, pain, depression -- all of these can and will be healed when we come to Christ. he will heal us.