November 26, 2008

looking back on twenty-one years

today i turn twenty-one years old. i am finally legal! my true birthday is technically not until about 2:04 pm. i was born on thanksgiving day and my family endearingly refers to me as their "turkey" - since i was born right when everyone else was having their big feast. poor mom, all she wanted was pumpkin pie with ice cream after she'd gone through such hard labor ... but the hospital was all out of ice cream. mom says i was her easiest baby {though I made up for it in my early teenage years} especially because i was so happy and content. i didn't really cry for the first six months of my life. i just wanted to be held and loved. i don't think much has changed in that respect. i was born with a full head of strawberry-blonde hair and with it came more than my mom bargained for. as sweet and loving as i could be, i was also stubborn and fiery. i guess my family was able to put up with all the personality traits that came with lacey jean peterson, the turkey ... since they decided to keep me regardless of the trials i brought :)

well it's twenty-one years later and so much has changed in our family, yet still so much is the same. sundy is married with a wonderful husband, but when she arrived home for the thanksgiving weekend it felt as though nothing had changed! the three girls still love, fight, and joke with each other. no matter how much time goes by, i know we'll always be the best of friends. i am so grateful that i was sent to the family i got. no family is perfect, and ours is quite far from it. but the family dynamics we have, made us who we are today. i love my two older sisters and my sweet little brother. i love and am so grateful for my parents and all the sacrifices they have made on my behalf. i love my family and i love all our faults - it gives us character .... and it sure brings a lot of humor!

this year my birthday is the day before thanksgiving. in order to share sundy and tyler we're having a thanksgiving/birthday celebratory dinner today with them. tomorrow sundy and tyler will be with tyler's family and our family will be in ogden with my aunt and her family. with my stubborn personality it's hard for me to be content with sharing my sister. also, sometimes I feel like my birthday is skipped over. this year, though, sundy and tyler made it the best birthday i've ever had. they did so much to help me have a good day. the best part about my birthday was that sundy and tyler were here. i love my family. i am so happy to be twenty-one. i feel so loved that my family made sure that today was distinguished as my birthday and not just thanksgiving.

next year my birthday lands right on the real thanksgiving day. i'm glad because that means the tyler and sundy will be here again. and maybe they'll have a little tyke of their own to entertain the family :) no, but the point of this post is to say - yahoo! i'm a legal adult! i've lived a whole twenty-one years on this earth. i've had a lot of hardships but a lot of blessings and happy times too. i love my family. i love my life.