December 1, 2008

my unique yearly christmas tradition

every year, starting on december first i dress in red and green (even when it doesn't match) every day, all the way up to christmas day. this tradition is how i keep christmas in my mind. with school getting out just a few short days before christmas, how else can i remember that it's actually supposed to be the happiest time of the year?! here are a few of the outfits i have planned:

i just love those red shoes!

a friend took a reluctant picture of me - but now you have proof that i really am this festive!

you probably can't see the earrings that well, but they were made by one of my best friends. they're gorgeous and i have a necklace to match (not seen here). oh, and this green dress ... yeah, my mom made it for me when i was about nine or ten years old. it fits ... sort of well. but i definitely have to have the cardigan to go with it :)

crazy green dress with a red shirt ... i use the cardigan just in case it's cold.

hope you enjoy the month of december as much as i will!