December 25, 2008

the day after

christmas eve was a blast with the andersons. i'm disappointed i forgot to take pictures of the caroling hayride we went on which was so fun (but bitterly cold). afterward, we played some games and ate dessert. here are some pictures of the game that is a mix of white elephant, musical chairs, and hot potato. the present the person ended up had to be worn on some part of the body.

paul enjoyed his pink socks and purse a little too much!
collin - tyler's  younger brother - sure put a "chill" twist to the man we call santa claus

sundy, of course, got stuck with a crown. she is a princess, while acting especially princess-y lately!

happy, mom, dad

yes, you saw that right: dad ... i'm not sure what he's supposed to be. maybe a granny toucan?