December 31, 2008

called to serve

the best brother ever!
my baby brother is, at this very moment, enjoying his first day in the mtc (missionary training center) in provo, utah. he's been preparing to go on a mission for his entire life. i can't believe the time has come! i remember - as if it were last week - when paul and i were just little kids who looked like twins. except for a couple of years when he hit puberty, paul has always been the sweetest, most selfless, kind, loving, serving person in the world. i know i've already devoted a whole post to my "silent knight" - but he deserves it! he is a valiant knight of the gospel, bringing truth and light to all he meets. and though he is truly one of the most amazing people i've ever known, he is still humble, meek, and mild. how could i be so blessed to have him as a brother? oh - for christmas he gave me the best present of the year: a build-a-bear missionary bear named elder peterson. how darling is that! i absolutely love it. and because paul is so sweet, he was kind enough to let me do a photo documentary of the last day before he went into the mtc.

rereading the info packet - don't forget anything!
last-minute packing
suit shopping @ macey's

eating japanese soup ... with all that fish and tofu, paul's going to come home skinnier than a beanpole!

scripture study {@1:30am before going into the mtc}
he'll get better at the bedtime rule :)

wiping tears away with a bear-sized hanky

"elder peterson" was left in the car while we went into the m.t.c.

the sign.
it's a must-do in the picture-taking process.

the missionary tag!
it's official!

mom getting emotional -- her baby's leaving!

so proud of my little brother!

sundy & tyler already returned to portland, but here's most of the family.

and one more for good measure!
paul gregory peterson is really on a mission! crazy!