January 28, 2009

25 things making lacey who she is

since i spent a lot of time thinking about this facebook tag, i thought i might as well post it here. some of these are repeats from my last post, but 25 random facts about me is more than 6 .... if you get bored, sorry!

  1. my favorite colors are blue and green (and anything in between)
  2. my two older sisters are 20 months apart, then 4 1/2 years later i came along. my little brother is 17 months younger than me.
  3. i am the only redhead in my immediate family. none of my aunts, uncles, or grandparents are redheads, but i do have some redheaded cousins.
  4. i bite on my lips and cheeks when i’m thinking, worried, anxious, bored, or any other time of the day.
  5. i love to sing, but i hate choirs. partly because of a certain choir teacher in high school. but i love to sing and make up new songs. this is also a talent i learned from my father who always has a song for everything.
  6. i have never owned my own ipod and i'm usually way behind on technical advances - not that i can't figure them out but because i like to find my own way of doing things. i did recently inherit my brother’s ipod, though, for the next two years. yay!
  7. i love to organize. seriously, when i’m organizing, i lose all track of time. i can even be a little o.c.d. about it. all of my clothes are hung up by color.
  8. although i love to organize, i hate every kind of cleaning except for scrubbing toilets and doing laundry. these are the only two tasks i can complete perfectly (ex: mirrors always have streaks and it drives me crazy!).
  9. i love spontaneity. this provokes hours of exciting fun: dressing up in crazy costumes, last minute piƱata parties, impulsive buying {which i usually return the next day, whoops!}, and lots of new adventures never before experienced.
  10. art fascinates me – every kind of art. i love to look and and watch it, but i also love to create it. i'm in no way a professional. yet i love thinking of creative ideas and drawing, painting, and sculpting new things. i do have to admit, though, that my favorite art activity is coloring with crayons in a coloring book.
  11. i have had many nicknames through the years: lacey lamb, ducky, jeaner-beaner, larsa, cheeto (as in "dangerously cheesy"), and jelly bean.
  12. i was born on thanksgiving day, provoking my nickname “turkey”.
  13. i love peanut butter. anything peanut butter. yes, chocolate and peanut butter combination is the best thing ever.
  14. post-it notes make my heart so happy, along with freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks.
  15. i love chewing on ice. i always have. i think i learned the habit from my sister sundy, but regardless, i’ve been a heavy ice-chewer for more than 15 years. the best kind of ice to chew is pebble ice.
  16. my name, lacey, is the perfect name for me. there is nothing masculine about my name and there is nothing masculine about me. i am a "lacey." and i love when people call me "lace." i think that’s because it makes me feel like the person actually knows me and loves me.
  17. i am a talker {if you haven’t already noticed}. i am usually an eloquent speaker, though at times my brain thinks faster than my mouth can keep up with.
  18. i love public speaking – giving talks, lessons, presentations, you name it. i love public speaking. i guess that’s why i want to be a teacher.
  19. people come to me for advice. they also come to me if they just want me to listen. when people want advice i love to give it, but i always try to talk things through with the other person in a way that they can think of their own advice. oh, and i can't take my own advice. isn't that how everyone is, though?
  20. confrontation. i guess this is kind of like public speaking for me. i sometimes look forward to confrontation -- if it's for a beneficial purpose. it gives me a thrill and motivates me.
  21. i can be so stubborn about certain things you wouldn’t think i’d be stubborn about and then extremely laid-back about things you’d assume i’d be stubborn about.
  22. along with my stubbornness, i am also very passionate. i love deeply, and it doesn’t take long to get to that point.
  23. there can be a negative side to my passion. i trust people easily, but once they betray me it's possible to hold quite a firm grudge from being hurt.
  24. though i can hold grudges really long and hard, if the person genuinely apologizes i can’t stop myself from forgiving them. like #22 says, i love deeply.
  25. i have a very wide variety of musical interests. the following favorites should give you a good idea about this: avril lavigne, demi lovato, tegan and sara, dashboard confessional, my chemical romance, secondhand serenade, paramore, the veronicas, jon mclaughlin, josh grobin, amy grant, relient k, angels and airwaves, onerepublic, fall out boy, taylor swift, kelly clarkson, ingrid michaelson, jamie o’neil, jodee messina, kenny chesney, keith urban, rascal flatts, miley cyrus/hannah montana, jonas brothers, aly and aj, and pink.

if you got through all 25 items, congratulations! hope you had fun learning more about me :) since this is a tag, i ftag anyone and everyone who actually reads this whole thing. *let me know if you actually do it*