January 27, 2009

randomness taggin

lisa tagged me in a random-facts-about-me tag.
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1) i love getting dressed up crazy (i prefer 80s, but anything goes) to go do something spontaneous.

2) i absolutely l.o.v.e to organize. i always have. i am not saying that i love to clean, simply that i love dumping everything out of a drawer or closet, throwing out the unnecessary, and organizing the remains. it makes my heart happy. i have helped many a soul-in-need organize their homes, lives, ....whatevers. i should really get a license and go pro. 

3) i can not stand having empty hangers in my closet. i don't know ... maybe it has to do with #2, but if there is a lonesome hanger in the midst of all my hanging clothes, raging bulls could not stop me from removing it from the closet. yes, i am passionate about this subject.

4) i love teenagers. i really do! i know, it wasn't that long ago that i was one, since i'm only 21. specifically, i love jr high teenagers. yep, that's right. 7th, 8th, and 9th graders even with their mood swings. for some reason people give me the strangest looks when i tell them of my love for these ages. i would rather sit and talk with a bunch of teenagers all day than do most anything else. i love teenagers. is that random? most people tend to think it is ....

5) i love public speaking. i consider this random because "speaking in public" is listed as #1 on america's top 10 fears list. sure, i still get little butterflies in my tummy right before i give a lesson, talk, or presentation but it is an exciting rush to me. once i'm in front of the crowd, all nerves are gone and i'm on top of the world. i really mean it: i love public speaking.

6) if you know my family, you know that we're all quite musical. i don't mean to say that we all sing and/or play instruments like professionals, simply that we all love music. with that, you can imagine what our family is like now; every kind of song from the 50s to now gets new lyrics for the occasion it's used to sing about.
just one of the many songs my dad sings to wake me up
(sung to the tune of "can't take my eyes off of you"):

"....i love you lacey and if it's quite alright, i need you lacey - i'll come turn on the lights. i love you lacey, trust in me when i say: oh pretty lacey, kneel and remem'ber to pray. oh pretty lacey, get up to face your day. and let me love you, lacey, let me love you ..."

i tag:
1) savannah 2) crystal 3) sundy 4) charmaine 5) jared w 6) jeff [big bro]