January 16, 2009

i can only imagine

i've always loved that song (i can only imagine), especially when sung by the band mercy me. i've heard it countless times throughout my life and still am touched by the words, along with the entire message portrayed. maybe the most touching part is remembering that there is life after death. but i'll take it a step further -- it reminds me that God really is in Heaven and that He loves me. because i know i'm a child of God, i also know that i have a Savior who made it possible to get past all hurt, sorrow, sin, and anguish. i taught about the sacrifice of Christ in Gethsemane and Golgotha, but i think we all forget sometimes what the center of our lives should be.

because i know what my Savior did for me, then i know that there really is an end to suffering. true, we cannot know a life without suffering until we are reunited with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but we can know that it will happen. i know the gospel is true and i know there is comfort to be found in the loving arms of our Savior. just as there will be life after death and an end to suffering, there is life after a broken heart, sin, and disappointment. that knowledge brings hope and that hope brings strength. there is an end to suffering. each life must endure hardship to come closer to God, but there can be peace - even if it is simply momentary silence - when we remember what life is really all about and who made it possible for us. "i can only imagine when all i will do is forever, forever worship you!"

there is life after seminary teaching. there is life after serving a mission. there is life after pain. there is life after death.
(These two pictures are by Adam Abram - "Gethsemane" and "Mount Timpanogos Millennium")