February 13, 2009

changes all around

for the six people who actually read some of my posts, you'll notice that i've completely reconstructed my blog. this is just the beginning of many changes i will be making. with the changes that have occurred around me, i'm finally making an effort to adapt. i've got a LOT of spare time on my hands and a lot of possibilities to choose from regarding how to use that time.

  1. i am going to stop my nocturnal habits. no more sleeping all day and staying up all night. it ends now.
  2. no more staying in my pajamas for longer than a TEN hour period. this should be plenty of time to get a good night's sleep and then get ready for the day.
  3. i will have at least ONE goal to work on each day, as well as one per week, per month, and per year. i'll get to the longer-term goals later {too many goals at once can provoke anxiety by overwhelming me} so for now i'll simply set one goal for today and one goal for this week.
  • today: get out of the house and do something productive, positive, or at least that makes me happy.
  • week: start making one of these. i know that everyone and their dogs have known about "magical thinking" jars {or something of the like} forever, but they're new to me and i'm determined to do it. Since I don't have children like the lady who made the idea up, I will use this magical thinking jar as a place to store sayings, happenings, and ideas that bring happiness and/or excitement.
i've finally realized that i have the amazing ability to make my life whatever i want it to be. here's to me! i'm making a change.