February 14, 2009

boo to singles' awareness day

have you heard the phrase "happy singles' awareness day" in passing? well it's NOT!! there is no such thing! it's VALENTINE'S day. i admit it, i used to say that little phrase - everyone was doing it. i realized recently, though, that this 'funny' phrase is so selfish! no offense to those of you who say it; this is a personal opinion. when i say the phase "singles' awareness day" i feel like i'm focusing purely on myself. is that really what this holiday is about?!

there are some who go bah-humbug about valentines day because it's "too commercialized" or whatever. does it really matter, though? So what it's commercialized? just because you see a hundred billion commercials or advertisements this time of year about roses or cards or chocolates or what-not .... that doesn't mean you're obligated to buy or do any of it! valentine's day is NOT about how much we get.

so how do i view "v-day"? i see it a little like Christmas; it's not what we receive or even who we spend it with! valentine's day is about what we give, how we celebrate, and who we show love and kindness to. this is simply another wonderful opportunity to let those special people in our lives know how special they really are to us. no, i do not have a boyfriend or husband. does that mean i don't have anyone *special* in my life? HEAVENS NO! i have amazing people in my life who lift me up on an almost daily basis. i have angels all around me who teach me how to love and be loved. these are the people i want to share my love with on this beautiful, SNOWY valentine's day. i'm not focusing on the minor detail that i don't have anyone to kiss, because right now i'm blessed to have people to hug. and i love hugs.

p.s. i accomplished my goal for yesterday, though after experiencing the driving conditions i was tempted to never leave the house ever again! no, it wasn't the weather. there are some crazy, impatient, rude, stupid drivers out there. so everyone, PLEASE be careful.

love you all! now go eat some chocolate!

<3 happy valentine's day!!!! <3