February 15, 2009

blind dates

i don't even know if you would call tonight a blind date. it was definitely blind -- i didn't even get the chance to view a picture on facebook! well, in my experience with blind dates {which i have had plenty of!!} i have learned that this is pretty much just what it's like:yes, blind dates are based entirely off of looks. if you don't know a person, how else in the world are you going to base your first impression? blind dates occur because someone you know decided you'd be a "great match" for someone else. even when your BEST FRIEND sets you up, can you really trust her? my experience has taught me the answer to that is no. No. NO. NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!if friends are setting us up for STUPID reasons like that, how in the world are blind dates actually supposed to work? well, they don't. this is a perfect illustration as to why most blind dates ultimately fail: