February 3, 2009

dear three am

here it is, 3:30 am and what am i doing? i'm still awake {as always} doing who knows what. i found this and decided it's a great new year's resolution. yes, i know it's already the third of february, but i've always been slow. better late than never, right? especially with goals.
my goal: be in bed, with the lights off no later than 11:30pm. to those of you who think that's late .... well, it's early for me. by going to bed by 11:30pm i can hope to wake up at a more appropriate hour in the morning.

so far i haven't done this because i kept thinking, "oh, but it's so much more fun to just stay up and keep doing whatever i'm doing! i don't have any responsibilities to wake up for in the morning." that may be true {very true, because it is}, but i believe that i would be of much more help to the world if i found things to do in the morning instead of late at night.

this is going to be a hard habit to break.

i need help. and, unfortunately, they do not have a rehab facility for nocturnal addicts {if you hear of one, let me know}. if you have any suggestions, tips, or information that could help me on my adventure of habit-breaking, please please please post a comment.