February 3, 2009

february heart

february has always meant one thing to me in past years: single awareness. this definition is especially fitting this year in honor of the obscene number of engagements happening all around me. i'm ok to be single {though after reading this post you may think otherwise}. it's not so much that i feel sad i'm not dating anyone or getting married, it's really not about that. the problem i have is keeping good friends. i don't have any trouble meeting new people and becoming fast friends. i'm finding that because of the vast majority of my friends who quickly become engaged and get married, i'm constantly left to find new friends to hang out with.

regardless, i'm determined to be anti-single awareness from now on. i've already planned what i will be doing for the next two saturdays {including the ominous valentine's day}.

bride wars --- my cousin crystal loves this movie! i haven't seen it yet, but i'm excited to. on their website they have a quiz to find out whether your personality is more anne hathaway's character or kate hudson's.
here are my results: you are emma (anne hathaway)
charming, sweet, and extremely kind, you're the girl that makes sure your friends get cupcakes on their birthday and have a shoulder to cry on when life gets harsh. most of the time you're perfectly happy in the role of supporter to your nearest and dearest, but when the breaking point comes, the world had better watch its back. you have an intelligence and creativity that really energizes the world around you. you're naturally fun and adventurous. but you're also completely content staying in sometimes with good company, some take-out, and your favorite tv show. when people criticize your good nature, they should have a heart! in a fast-paced world you still stop to think about your loved ones first. you should be proud of yourself for bettering the world and the lives of the people in it.

<3 ------------------------------------- <3

and of course this movie: he's just not that into you. they truly planned the release date perfectly. i am so excited to see this one. unfortunately, i've already asked many of my friends and even my sister to come with me on valentine's day and none of them have a desire to go see it. oh well .... i guess i'll see it alone. however, if you'd like to come with me to see one {or both} of these movies, just post a comment to let me know.

to find out more about this movie, just go here.

with valentine's day just around the corner, these two movies should be an eventful way to pass the time :)

love you all!