February 4, 2009

sadness for the family: a tribute to s and t

my sister sundy is one of the most kind-hearted, loving, talented, and amazing individuals. she is truly "a bit of sunshine" in the lives of everyone who knows her. she is one of the most selfless people to ever grace the earth.

to emphasize my point, i must share with you a story from my junior year of high school. i had so many responsibilities that year and was running myself ragged. one night, in particular, i felt like the world sat on my shoulders and wouldn't move - all i could do was cry. my best friend came over and needed to cry as well because she'd had the worst day, too. i can't remember all the reasons we felt so depressed. i'm sure some of it had to do with the opposite gender, but at any rate, the two of us were crying and in the depths of despair. somehow i ended up in my bed, tears still staining my cheeks. i remember sundy coming to wake me up between 11pm and midnight saying, "lace, your project is due tomorrow. you still need to make the required scrapbook pages for your english assignment." i very vividly remember turning to her and only being able to get out the words, "just. kill. me. now." then rolling over and falling back to sleep. the next morning, sundy woke me up and said, "punkin, i need to show you something." she had stayed up late and done the last part of my english project. it was now complete and i could turn it in on-time.

i've never forgotten that experience. and there are so many more countless times when sundy has been the epitome of a Christ-like example. i love my sister. she is my hero in so many ways. which is why what just happened hurts so much. i was going to be an aunt for the very first time. sundy was pregnant and of course, everyone was so excited for her. my mom has wanted to be a grandma for years and years. needless to say, we were all so very, very happy that sundy and tyler were going to have a baby. unfortunately, this morning she miscarried. we are all sad at the loss of the sweet spirit that would have come into the world.in a world where bad things happen to good people, i thought i'd dedicate a post to some of the best people on the planet. this is a sad moment in our family's history, but sundy and tyler are amazing people who love each other and all those around them. i know they will be blessed. they were sealed in the temple, and there is such a sweet comfort knowing that they will be a forever family with every child that comes into their lives - even the baby they lost today.

i love you sundy and tyler.