March 7, 2009

create, creating, created

i don't remember if i've posted my current schedule or not. assuming i have not, here it is:

- no school this semester
- no job {still looking, yet the effort seems in vain}
- no responsibilities
- no social life {seeing as the friends who aren't on LDS missions are getting married or are already married, with children}

this has obviously given me a lot of time for myself. i live at home {duh, no income ....} so i really am free to do most anything i please. as long as it doesn't involve money. so far, my accomplishments include:

  • sleeping
  • cleaning
  • babysitting
  • sleeping
  • organizing
  • watching tv
  • cooking
  • sleeping
  • decorating
  • remodeling rooms
  • sleeping
  • odd jobs
  • watching movies
  • lounging around
... oh, and did I mention sleeping?!?! yes, well, that's a big part of it. i am, however, attempting to rid myself of nocturnal habits.

now that i'm trying to be awake during the day, i must find things to occupy my life with! instead of throwing endless pity-parties {which i am fabulous at doing, if i may say so myself} i want to be more proactive. this is where Elder Uchtdorf comes into the picture.

i apologize if you've already seen this like a billion times, but it motivated me to an incredible degree. so much so that i just have to share it with you.

i'm going to go do something productive now. like creating something from paint or scrapbook supplies. i'm going to go create something with my brand new sewing machine (i'll tell you more about that later). it doesn't matter what i do, as long as i'm creating.