March 10, 2009

road trip !!!!

so i am going to portland, oregon. for two weeks! i am so very excited. i get to spend quality time with my sister and brother-in-law and have an adventure. i'll even be there in time for my darling sister's birthday. for now, though, i'm road-trippin' with my aunt and uncle.

i love being in the car. i could honestly LIVE in the car. i love to just sit in the car and think. i love to drive around and listen to music. i love to talk to people while sitting together in the car. i love road trips. i love being in the car. so here I am, just making another memory ... which is what life is all about :)

*an added bonus is the company one gets to drive with. i have the pleasure of spending time with my aunt carla and uncle chuck. they keep me crackin' up and the miles go by so much faster.