March 12, 2009

wit, bunnies, life; they all relate

today was my first full day in portland. my sister insisted that i watch this movie:

though this movie could be defined as one of the saddest i've ever seen, i must say that it was incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking. there were many poignant moments throughout the span of this film, but i do have a favorite part. toward the end of the movie, a lady from the main character's past comes to visit. though both characters in the scene are adult, scholarly women, they read this book:

the lady reading the book aloud comments how clever it was of the author to use the simple imagery to explain the concept of God.

now, i've loved this book since infancy. my mom is an expert in the field of children's literature who was very good at reading to her children from books that provoked profound thoughts and actions. This particular selection gives a warm reminder that we have parents who love us.

though i assumed i knew the story of the runaway bunny by heart , i had never made a connection between its literal meaning and the idea of God. i was extremely impressed by the movie's idea of this story symbolizing our individual relationship with a Heavenly Parent.

--> this idea started me thinking about the role Heavenly Father has played in my life. this song came to mind. it is one of the most touching, powerful songs i've ever heard. please take a moment to turn up the speakers, clear your mind, and listen to the lyrics of this song. i promise you'll be glad you did.