April 11, 2009

absence makes the heart grow fonder

i've always believed that saying, yet i now know it is without-a-doubt-TRUE. how wonderful is it to return home from a trip and be showered with love and appreciation? it is truly fantastic. though it hurts the heart to be away from loved ones for an extended amount of time, there's comfort in knowing that you'll see them again. it also provides an opportunity to remember how much you really do love them {sometimes we desperately need that}

i loved spending more than two weeks with s and t. in fact, i felt the end of my trip came far too quickly. it was hard to leave and return home to utah, where i knew i would not see my sweet sister and brother-in-law for quite some time.

since coming home, however, i have enjoyed a change in pace. my family truly missed my presence in our home, which made me feel extremely appreciated. my oldest sister {who lives at home as well} and i haven't been at odds with each other nearly as much as we've been known to be. my cousin, who lives with us and is more like a sister, told me that it had been boring while i was gone. she missed me?!?! i've been on three dates {with different guys} in one week. this is a record, people. seriously. i haven't been on more than maybe a date a month ... and that's stretching it. needless to say i've been quite surprised, shocked, excited, and happy about my return home.

sundy told me she loved having me there and was sad to have me leave. she now realizes how much she misses me. does that sound too cocky? i'm sorry if it does, since that is not how i mean to convey my point. it simply boils down to this:

it's nice to be reminded that you are special to someone, somewhere.