April 10, 2009

odds, ends, family, friends!

i didn't get a chance to blog about all the exciting things that happened on the actual st patrick's day so i am pronouncing the theme "miscellaneous adventures in portland" to incorporate all the odds and ends from my trip.

my darling sister works at the hfrc {a family resource center that provides for those who may not be able to provide for themselves} and i had the privilege of going to work with her a few times to help out. though most days can be stressful, exhausting, and draining, when sundy can remember the ultimate purpose of her job she is happy and fulfilled.

st patty's day:
dressed up in festive attire, made a "luck everlasting" elixir, threw a party for the children who came to the hfrc full of food and fun [who doesn't like to color leprechauns?], plenty of working, and celebrating with a green dinner at home. everything was delightful except for the juice. yes, the irish may do it but please do not mix apple and orange juice at home. oh, and green food coloring simply worsens an already horrible situation.

sund and i know a grand total of one irish song. however, i did create a little jig to perform when singing the song with an irish accent. quite clever, if i do say so myself.

fun-filled family feature:
on one of our saturday's we had a fun night at home. tyler made homemade ice cream {nonfat frozen yogurt, to be exact -- aunt annie's recipe} which we enjoyed while playing a rousing game of phase ten. who won? surprise, surprise... it wasn't me.

why do i say "surprise, surprise"? because t, sund, and i played many different games throughout my long stay with them and how many games did i win? one.

that's right. one measley game. and it wasn't even a real win because everyone gave up before we had a chance to finish. i am quite sure i would have won anyway, though :)

well, this is it for posts on my trip to portland. that is, unless i find more pictures that can't wait to be posted for all to see. until then, feel free to hop on over to sundy's delightful blog {that i helped design, by the way} by clicking here. read her story and maybe you'll come to understand why i love this amazing individual with all of my heart.