April 3, 2009

chef lacey, at your service

ok, so i might have led you astray with the title. i didn't cook the whole time i was in oregon. i did, however, cook quite a bit more than usual. i think i became more of a homemaker with the opportunities i received. i found some amazing recipes from cookbooks and blogs that i follow to try out on sund and t.

if anyone is interested in getting the recipe, leave a comment and i'll post it later.

the above pictures were from the second time i made meatloaf for dinner. yes, i said second time. it was so absolutely delicious, moist, and perfect that we unanimously voted to have it again before i went back home. now, i'm not claiming the meatloaf was amazing because i was the one to make it. the recipe is simply fabulous.

besides meatloaf, i also made a savory white chili and an impromptu pesto chicken pasta.

the overall reaction?