April 3, 2009

honestly honest

i don’t consider myself a dishonest person. granted, i also don’t consider myself a stalwart truth defender. if ever i ere, it’s on the side of omitting rather than outright lying.

with that disclaimer, i'll go on with the story.

sundy and i went into downtown portland for a couple of hours to hit up some more tourist spots. by this time, i was getting low on vacation money. as we were buying our tickets to ride the MAX, we decided a two-hour pass would suffice.

it was a few minutes after the expiration time when we were heading back out of downtown portland. since it was that close to the expiration, i decided it wouldn't kill anyone if i didn't buy another ticket to get home. this decision was solidified when we realized we needed to rush in order to catch the coming train.

when sundy caught wind of my plan, she was shocked and dismayed. i found her buying an extra ticket for me after i hadn't been paying attention. the majority of the train ride home i received an endearingly long lecture on how one person does make a difference and integrity is a priceless possession.

i think i learned my lesson.