April 3, 2009

good things come in pink boxes

in an extremely questionable part of downtown portland is a quaint, little bakery called "voodoo doughnuts." many acquaintances had raved about the quality of doughnuts at this locale, so sundy and i decided to find out how accurate the claims were.

yes, that is bacon on the maple bar. surprisingly delicious, in my personal opinion

i can't believe i forgot to take a picture of the shop itself, but luckily they have pictures of it online.

not only was i surrounded by questionable looking people in the squished four by four foot room, but the cashier who actually handled the doughnuts looked the most questionable of all. outside the shop was a group of questionable-looking young adults huddled together. i could hear them talking about questionable things with very questionable language.

and, although you may think the doughnuts look questionable as well .....

the taste was not questionable.