April 4, 2009

dog hair, dog breath, dog paw prints on my pants

my last week in oregon a family t home teaches went out of town. they own three dogs, two bunny-rabbits, and one cat. they offered to pay me quite a good deal of money if i would sleep at their home, feed their animals, and give them all love and attention every day.

it was a spectacular way to finish off the trip. i admit, i didn't give the bunnies all the love they deserved and the cat was a nuisance if i ever knew one! i am not fond of felines. i believe bratty girls are referred to as "catty" for a reason. but i fell in love with the three dogs. two were corgis and one was a german shepherd mix-ish. the corgi on the left looks most like yoda and the corgi on the right looks most like phoebe, and i love them. if i didn't have such a problem with dog hair i would own a corgi.

sundy, however, had a huge problem with the dog hair. she hated to let the dogs near her and it was a hilarious thing to see. dogs that wanted love and attention were denied. don't worry, i showed them love and attention even though sundy couldn't. :)

i love dogs and loved taking care of someone else's ~~ you know how wonderful it is to enjoy a thing then leave it with their owner and go home. great experience.