April 28, 2009

irony on a sunday

for about the last seven months, i have a the calling of family home evening coordinator in my singles ward. it has been an interesting challenge to think of fun activities and ways to get more ward members there. my partner in this calling has been somewhat of a disappointment. his heart is obviously not in it and his enthusiasm leaves much to be desired.

this past friday night, i was asked to accept the calling of gospel doctrine sunday school teacher. it just so happened that i would be taking the teaching spot of my sister, happy. happy decided, since she was being released the following sunday, that i should teach the lesson she had previously been assigned.

i personally love teaching. giving talks, presentations, and lessons bring joy to my soul and a warm and fuzzy feeling to my heart. i believe this is because i learn so much more from preparing and teaching than i ever learn as the recipient of said talks, presentations, and lessons. because of my great love for teaching, i gladly agreed to teach happy's lesson for her.

where does the irony come in? it is the subject matter of the lesson: thou shalt … offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day. and why is this ironic?

. . .

lately church has been on the 'back-burner' for me. i can't remember the last time i went to the entire three-hour block of worship services. the first hour is the most important, that being sacrament meeting. i have a permanent punctuality problem {i'm working on a cure.... nothing yet} so i am usually late to this meeting.

after arriving late to the first hour of meetings, i battle inside my head a list of pros and cons concerning going home and taking a nap. sunday school and relief society can, at times, be difficult for me. my attention span seems to shrink and the lack of sleep hits my eyes like a brick wall.

my sister sundy and i have discussed our dilemma -- we only truly enjoy sunday school when we're the ones teaching it. now please do not assume we're conceited or judgemental. although that may truthfully have a bit to do with it, i believe it's more a matter of brain activity. if my body is not allowed to sleep during church, it needs to be doing something enthralling. teaching is the best way for me to have my mind, body, and spirit completely occupied. this keeps me awake and interested.

regardless of whether i am teaching or not, if i make it through sunday school i am 'done'. i'm ready to go home and skip out on the last meeting of the week: relief society. throughout my long explanation of the drift i have been experiencing with sundays, i hope you have made the connection; the irony.

the very first lesson i was asked to give as a sustained sunday school teacher was on the importance of the sabbath day and church meetings. who needed this specific lesson more than anyone else at this exact time? me. i know others needed it, too. i simply felt like Heavenly Father was pushing me in the right direction saying, "come on, lace. you wouldn't get the message of this lesson in any other way than putting your heart into teaching it to others. i miss you, i love you, and i want to be friends again. do you see why the sabbath day is important to me?"
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needless to say, this past sunday was the first in months that i have attended all three meetings and paid attention through all three hours. it may not seem like a big deal to some, but this is a feat for me. this experience has further testified to me that i really am a daughter of God.

my needs are known, my tears are counted, my heart is healed, and my soul is strengthened

i am so blessed.... which reminds me of the chorus in this beautiful song.