April 25, 2009


i try to live life from one tender moment to the next. much like looking for miracles in life, i'm able to find millions of tender moments when i put a little effort into it.

let me share just a few of the tender happenings i've experienced in this last week.

tender happening #1:

this amazing woman passed away on monday after a battle with cancer. her funeral was thursday morning and it was absolutely wonderful. the funeral service was more uplifting and happy than it was sad. i walked away determined that when the day comes that my body is laid to rest, people will be able to nice things similar to those spoken at this funeral. a common theme i noticed was the endless talk of how patient and loving marilyn was. story after story told of the many acts of service {volunteered by her and otherwise} that were rendered and how she never complained. what a loving, generous, tender, wonderful woman. growing up with a neighbor like her has surely blessed my life.

tender happening #2:

my darling brother who is on an lds mission decided we needed some quality time together. yes, he is all the way over in japan, but that would never stop him. in an email sent just to me he gave me the directions on how we'd accomplish this task. on thursday at 3:40 pm utah time it would be friday at 6:40 am for him. at this exact time we would listen to the same exact song and think of each other. there is no exaggeration - my sweet puddy thought of this plan all on his own. i love my brother more than words could ever express. he is my only brother and the perfect one, at that. i am so blessed to have such a close relationship to my precious little brother.

tender happening #3:

my cousin crystal, who lives with me at home, has been forced to spend time with me. lots and lots of time. although this may not be her greatest wish-come-true, it has definitely blessed my life. having no life {as i do} creates a desperate need for other human beings. i'm sorry, my relationships with fictional tv characters just don't cut it sometimes. spending time with my tender cousin makes life much more enjoyable and adventurous. above all, spending time with crystal always brings innumerable "tender moments" that i will always cherish.