April 18, 2009

happiness is ...

my oldest sister. yes, really - her name is happiness. normally we shorten it to happy. she loves her name. this is mostly because it's rare that a person ever forgets her name after the initial introduction. she is a fairly upbeat, positive person.

disclaimer: the point of this post is not to rag on my sister, though some fun might be poked in the process.

this peculiar individual is quite a complex soul, but most peculiar is her driving record. i will not reveal the exact number of crashes, tickets, or violations she's accumulated over the years {partly because the accurate total is unknown to everyone but happy, and even then her memory is purposely faulty...... }

happy's entire driving career has been full of speeding, carelessness, and a disregard for the law. there is not a single time i've ever seen her drive without having the rear view mirror pointed directly toward her face. because of traffic violations and such, she has had court appearances demanded of her. however, happy does not usually give much thought or concern to these dates and usually forgets about them. her life is a flurry of events in which she is a last-minute, procrastinating, somewhat lackadaisical problem solver.

but not anymore.

at least when it comes to her driving.

happy allowed me to drive her car to run an errand and this is what i found taped to the windshield right at eye-level.

fyi: it was only the "drive slow" sign that was there, written on a piece of scotch tape.

interesting, isn't it? that's my sister.

happiness is .... a very important influence in my life. with her, there is never a dull moment. and though we may not always get along, i love her with all of my heart.

and i'm proud of her for trying to improve herself.
even if it is just her driving.