April 17, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

aren't these photos so picturesque of winter? don't they make you want to cuddle up next to the one you love, drinking hot cocoa and singing of chestnuts, jack frost, and eskimos?

why yes of course! except that these pictures were taken on the night of april 15th and yesterday morning, april 16th.

how on earth could this happen, you ask? your guess is as good as mine. on wednesday, april 15th i spent the day with two of my favorite girls - sara and sierra. we went to see the new hannah montana movie and upon coming out of the theater, were greeted by a winter wonderland.

i, however, was not amused. i am a huge fan of snow in winter. when the snow comes after i've put all my winter gear away, ..... that's when i lose my patience. celebrating spring break by wiping the six inches of snow of my car was not planned for. worse yet, wearing canvas shoes while trudging through wet white stuff was, dare i say, not in the agenda.

i appreciate the magestic beauty of this natural powder enough to take some photographs in order to document this odd occurence. that is all. now i'm ready for sun and warmth and all the happy things that supposedly come with the onset of spring. will i ever see it? is there an end to this madness anywhere in sight?

i pray there is.

oh, and the hannah montana movie? loved it! absolutely loved it. i laughed, i cried, i wanted to see it again right away. here are some pics of our adventure: