May 1, 2009

joy of my heart {and} theme of my life

i am not ashamed to admit that i have loved her for years. it started during the spring of 2006. i had recently gotten a job as a nanny to a family with twin girls who were seven years old, a ten year old boy, and a twelve year old boy with asperger's syndrome. there was a tv in almost every room of the house. the girls watched tv every day - with or without friends there - and there was no excuse for eating a meal without the nickelodeon or disney channels blaring for all to hear.

when the hannah montana series premiered, i can honestly say i was just as excited as the seven year old girls were. i watched every episode without fail. i loved the humor, i loved the real-life father-daughter duo, and i loved the clean factor. this show quickly became one of my very favorites. now, i'm not going to deny the fact that there are sometimes really cheesy moments, words, references, and acting. it doesn't matter. i love the show and its characters and actors.

well about two weeks ago i saw hannah montana the movie and mentioned in this post how much i enjoyed it. i really, truly loved it. the music, the storyline, everything. unless you live under a rock, i'm sure you have at least heard about the song "the climb" from the movie. i am in love, head-over-heals in love with this song.

lucky for me, "the climb" has been 'over-played' -- meaning it's been on the radio non-stop. this makes me over-joyed. i love that i can switch to different stations and listen to this song the whole time i'm in the car. why do i love this song so much? it has become my theme song. the pure thrill and excitement i feel when i realize the song is playing is greater than i can explain. it gives me hope, motivation, and a feeling of peace. it is symbolic of what life is all about. it is the song of my heart.

i couldn't help sharing with you something that brings so much happiness to my life.

**you don't have to watch if you don't want to. the video is,
in parts, quite cheesy. at least listen to the song.