May 28, 2009

to grandmother's house we went

**i'm so sorry it's been such a long time since i last posted**
{that story will come later}

for now, i'll tell you about my recent adventures. earlier in the month my cousin crystal and i spent a weekend with our grandparents who live in tooele, utah. this was a much-needed vacation from normal life. we played games, ate food, watched movies, played games, and ate some more good food.

let me introduce you. these are my wonderful grandparents:

are they not just so adorable?

my grandma and grandpa are huge fans of card games, and they've passed that obsession on to me. crystal, on the other hand, doesn't love card games all that much. she prefers board games that involve critical thinking. luckily, we got her to play a few rounds of card games. i think she came around once we beat grandma and grandpa in a game that they always win.

can you tell how excited we were? what made it even more exciting was that the only time my grandparents had lost to their grandchildren in this game was when my younger brother paul
and crystal's younger brother kevin were able to beat them by 1 {one} point!!!!

on a different note, these are my two favorite signs at my grandparents' house:

yeah, it was a great trip! i got to spend quality time with my grandparents and my awesome cousin. i love road trips. i love spending time with people i love.

here are a few more pics of our great adventure: