August 25, 2009

lifetime learners

parents teach us many things throughout our lives -- with or without the knowledge of their doing so.

let's add another "lesson learned" to my dad's portfolio:
you're never too old to learn new things.

*BIG NEWS*: dad is going back to school.

daddy finished his masters degree years and years ago. now he is going back to school to complete a second bachelor degree.

wait. it gets better.

daddy just got accepted into the secondary education program to pursue choral and orchestral teaching.

i just applied for admittance into the secondary education program in the spring. if i am accepted, daddy and i will most likely have quite a few classes together and graduate at the same time.
bonus: i want to teach in junior high.

that's also where daddy would like to teach choir and orchestra.

i told him, "dad we should teach at the same junior high!"...... in reality, it totally could happen.

CRAZY!!! huh?

i know! instead of sharing story books . . .

. . . we'll be sharing textbooks and study sessions.

but i love it. i love daddy and i love that he isn't afraid of doing hard things. it inspires me.

and i want to be just like him ==> a lifetime learner.