August 15, 2009

my large family

no, i am not talking about my own. {although it would accurately describe us in many ways...}

anyway, i had the opportunity to spend an entire weekend with three of the most beautiful, sweet, intelligent girls ever. they come from this beautiful family, so there's no wonder why the girls are so amazing:

well i took the girls to the library and rediscovered a joyful book {or a set of books} from my childhood. since they were favorites from my childhood I will refer to them as my large family.

and last but certainly not least, my personal favorite:

these delightful treasures were written by british author jill murphy. how could you not love my large family? many a family can relate to situations from these books. i have cherished memories of crowding on mom and dad's bed to hear the tales of the human-like elephants. i cannot wait to create those kind of memories with my own future nieces, nephews, and/or children.

i hope you will enjoy my large family too!