October 11, 2009

mission impossible

this fall in school i'm taking a course entitled "modifying health behaviors" and guess what the semester-long project we all have to complete is! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

if you guessed "a behavior change project" you win a prize! {not really, but yay! for you}

i don't even think it is possible to pinpoint which part of this monster is worse! first i thought it might be the pure fact that i had to choose the behavior! how could i narrow it down to just one?! terrifying, right?

then i thought the worst part of the project was going to be writing the description of the problem, or the behavioral, medical, and physical assessments. no, the worst part is that i actually have to change this behavior.

you may be wondering what behavior i ended up choosing to modify.

~ ~ ~ sleep ~ ~ ~

i've had a problem with healthy sleep schedules since elementary school. and no, i promise i am not exaggerating in the slightest. just ask my dad if he can remember a time when i wasn't late or absent from school because he couldn't get me out of bed. yeah, these instances were few and far between.

here is my planned course of action:

{approximately 60 minutes}
-clean-up any messes in bedroom and make bed [ 10 minutes ]
-change into pajamas and put clothes in hamper [ 5 minutes ]
-prepare herbal tea and take medications [ 15 minutes ]
-wash face and brush teeth [ 5 minutes ]
-journal / write in ‘worry book’ [ 15 minutes ]
-turn on woodlands music album and practice yoga stretches/meditation [ 10 minutes ]
-turn off lights and practice progressive-relaxation until asleep

and guess what! tonight is the night i'm supposed to start doing the routine. i'm going to slowly work myself up to starting the routine at 9pm so that i'll be in bed by 10pm. yeah ... i know ~ wishful thinking.

so here goes nothing!
{or rather: hopefully something!}