October 12, 2009

life's lemons into lemonade

i often refer to 'tender mercies' of the Lord and tonight was no different.

my car has been giving me trouble for quite some time now. i've had my mechanic look at it several times, still he can't find anything wrong with it. the is something wrong, however, when your car's battery dies in the middle of a busy road for no apparent reason.

then along comes a kind-hearted stranger asking if they can help in any way. it's not a stranger, though, it's a well-known and cherished voice. it was the voice of the beautiful lady in the left of the picture with my sister sundy.

it is through sundy that i met chelsey. i remember meeting chelsey back when they had just met in high school. i admired their loving, supporting relationship and always believed theirs exemplified what it meant to be a true fried. i love chels with all my heart, more than she probably even knows or could ever understand.

on a patience-trying night there is only one voice that could have made all frustrations flee, and there she was. this angel on earth was there for me {again} even when she didn't know who it was who needed her help. i don't even know how she was able to make pushing a huge car all by ourselves something fun, but she did. she's amazing.

hers are the hands that took my lemons and made them sweet enough to drink.

love you chels<3