November 24, 2009

long time gone

i cannot believe it has been over a month since my last post! life got crazy and has not let-up until now. so, what has kept me so busy?

of course school, which is going alright. it is at this time of the semester that i just pray for a grade that passes and divvy up my time between the things that matter most.

also my church calling: second counselor in the relief society presidency of my new singles student ward where my dad is in the bishopric. it is still such a new experience for me, but i have very much enjoyed it. this is where the majority of my time somehow slips away. i think this is mostly because i would rather spend my time doing things for the wonderful sisters in my ward than boring homework. so far, so great.

finally, trying to be more social than i have been in a year and a half -- and it is a lot of work! much easier are the many nights spent with my sweet dog Precious, watching television or movies. however, spending more time with other human beings has been much more fulfilling.

so there you have it -- the reasons i have been absent for such a long while from the blogging world. i missed it, i missed you, and ... i sure hope you missed me.