November 26, 2009


that is how many years it has been since that snowy thanksgiving afternoon - promptly around two pm - when i was born. that is how i received my family nicknames "thanksgiving turkey". every so often {with varying gaps of five, six, and eleven years}, my birthday lands on thanksgiving day. in fact, it will be another six years before i have another thanksgiving birthday. myspace graphic comments

since it is fairly rare that my birthday is on the holiday of my birth, i have taken this to be a sign. in addition, my lucky number is two -- and the more twos there are, the luckier it is. because i am turning twenty-two on this thanksgiving day, i believe this is a sign that it will be the best year of my life {or at least thus far}.

having a birthday so near to such a big holiday has its pros and cons, as i am sure you can imagine. it often seems to be overlooked, for christmas is drawing near and money is tight, etc. this year, however, my parents were fabulous at making my birthday just as special as thanksgiving. surrounded by love with so many sweet family members made today memorable and peaceful. myspace graphic comments

today has reminded me that though many days may appear dark, dreary, lonesome, or difficult... no matter what, i have people who love me.

and that's really all that matters.