February 25, 2010

to you, february

there are 12 months in the calendar year:

each year we endure a month named "february" and at first glance this month seems harmless, or even endearing with the holiday of love and a work- and school-free holiday throughout its 28 days.

yes, to some, february is just another month in a long string of months. i, however, have come to the belief that this month is not endearing; it is a heartless, cold, deathly month that seems to drag out longer than any other month of the year despite its relatively short length.

in addition, i believe valentine's day was placed right in the middle of the month to hide february's evil qualities. to sum up my feelings: february is downright awful.

now, you may think this strong reaction is a bit silly or unwarranted and if you do, you are dead wrong. over the span of 22 years i have found the month with the most oft-occurring negative experiences to be the month that starts with the letter "f".

as we all know, when a student receives an "f" as a grade, it means they failed. i would argue that the same is true for the one month that starts with this terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad letter.

so it is to that most horrific of all months which i speak at this time:

february, february please go away.
please take with you all the bad you bring.
take also all the bad you carelessly leave in your wake.
let us hurry on to greet a new march or april
and the prospects they carry.

february, february, may you hear my plea ~~
quickly move on without anymore sorrow.